WHAT IS FRAG 176-191?

As its name suggests, FRAG 176-191 refers to the GH hormones fragment. It is a part of the GH hormone. It is a peptide hormone belonging to the growth hormone class. Its tail is referred to as HGH(Human Growth Hormone).HGH is removed. The removed part forms the HGH frag 176-191.This is the part that carries the fat burning power.


The goal of this peptide hormone is to aid in fat loss. It is applied in dieting. It directly affects adipose tissue of the body that carries the fat. It is mostly employed by bodybuilders who need to increase pack in size and increase IGF-1 levels in their bodies. FRAG 176-191 was primarily developed to help body builders and athletes in reducing their body fats.


This hormone incredibly regulates fat metabolism. It does not cause insulin insensitivity side effects. It works by blocking lipogenesis; the formation of the fatty acids and lipids. Unlike other compounds used to burn fat, the users of FHG 176-191 do not experience hunger or a jittery feeling. Also, it does not result to hyperglycemia. Also, it does not affect your appetite. It is very useful in promoting less body mass, better sleep and protein synthesis in the user’s body.


FGH 176-191 is administered via an injection. It should be administered subcutaneously. One may also choose to inject intramuscularly. To get the full effect of this hormone, users need to take 500mcgs every day. This should be taken in two doses. One may choose to take 250mcgs in the morning before workout and the other before lunch or In the evening before sleeping. The hormone is reconstituted using sodium chloride used for injection or bacteriostatic water. When using, FHG 176-191 users need to take precaution in their diet and the timing of injection.

It is best to take the dose after eating some proteins or when hungry. Note that injecting on a full stomach reduces the hormone’s effectiveness. Avoid carbohydrates when taking FGH 176-191 dose. It should result in a significant and efficient fat loss on the user.


There isn’t much to talk about the side effects of FGH 176-191.The side effects associated with this hormone are few. However they may include the following:

1. Soreness on the injected part.

2. Redness on the injected part.

3. Excessive sleep.

On the other hand, it comes with a variety of benefits:

FHG 176-191 kills fats, result to lean body and strengthens the users bones.

It does not interfere with the glucose levels and can lead to an improved sleep to many.

It also helps in the protein synthesis.


It comes with affordable and pocket-friendly pricing. It is the best available tool to use with your GHPR and GHRH peptide protocol. Its added benefits and the few less occurring side effects make this hormone extremely useful.

Users should not worry about tingling, glucose sensitivity, and thyroid issues anymore.


The hormone is available online under many peptide research companies. It is much cheaper than HGH and is easily accessible. It is, however, illegal in some countries. Please review your law as pertaining the use of FGH 176-191.

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